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Embroidery & Transfer Printing Bundle!

Whats included at under £54 per week &


Embroidery And Print Bundel 2
Our Stitch-n-Print bundle is a perfect combination of the two most successful custom decorating methods; Embroidery and Selfweeding Transfer Printing!

By combining two lucrative business opportunities into one reasonable payment from as little as £54 per week* So how does the Stitch-&-Print system make it much easier to earn more money in your business?    

✔  No having to rely on subcontractors for your printing needs
✔  No stressing when someone else doesn’t do their part correctly
✔  No losing jobs because the person they bought their t-shirts from knows someone who does embroidery
 For just £69 per week, with stitch-&-print you’ll have the tools to create nearly any look you want in custom apparel.
By handling BOTH embroidery and T-shirt orders, you keep customers from having to go elsewhere (to your competitor)
You put the same amount of work into finding and convincing the customer to buy from you in one market. If they need more, you don’t have to go through all that trouble again.


The Embroidery System 


New SWF MAN12 Embroidery Machine
Free Embroidery Starter kit (Normally £100)
Free Cap Embroidery frames (Normally £750)
Free Upgraded Warranty to 5 years *
7 Year Stitch Quality guarantee *

The first part of the bundle is a high-quality embroidery machine – the SWF MAN-12, loaded with standard features and options.

The MAN-12 is one of the most versatile and portable industrial embroidery machines available owing to its compact design and quiet running.  
Incorporating a standard stitching field of 360 mm x 230 mm, this machine hosts one of the largest areas available on a compact design structure.  
The MAN-12 series is controlled by an intuitive interactive LCD touch screen display and can embroider on both flat, tubular hoops or caps.  With cutting-edge features – such as Built in Power Failure Recovery, LED Vision Lights, Cap Embroidery and Venere Badge Cutting Needles – the Man- 12 is the most advanced single-head machine currently available in the world.  
This SWF model comes delivered and installed with full training, together with up to a 5-Year SWF Factory Warranty our 7 Year SWF Stitch Quality Guarantee! 
In addition to this bundle you can add the latest in Embroidery Software from Wings & Wilcom and also add the latest in WIFI networking technology from Wilcom, Embroidery Framing Systems and Stock Designs, we have everything you need to get you started with your new venture.  
The SWF MAN 12 is designed to give you that combination of price, features, and reliability that makes it easy to get into the commercial embroidery business with the potential to 
A World of Applications…
Embroidery can be applied to almost any kind of materials, attracting a wide range of target markets including:
– sportswear / leisurewear
– childrenswear / babywear
– workwear 
– gifts
– Greeting Cards and much more…   


The Transfer System

SWF Print Wiz

New Printwizard Elite A4 Print Machine
Free Toner & Transfer Paper starter Kit (Normally £500)
New Printwizard A3 transfer press

Print Wizard systems allow you to decorate and customise an extensive range of printable products at exceptional quality and speed – including textiles,garments, wood, metal, glass, ceramics and a whole lot more – setting a new benchmark in the transfer printing industry. 
Passion into Profit…
– low-cost set-up
– high earning potential
– quick and easy production
– no maintenance
– high flexibility
– product reliability  
A World of Applications  
Print Wizard Systems can be transferred to all kind of materials, attracting a wide range of target markets including:
– sportswear / leisurewear
– childrenswear / babywear
– workwear 
– gifts, awards and more…   


Embroidery only 50 polo shirts per week and earn in excess of £1,000 per month!  **
– Blank products from local suppliers at trade prices
– Over 40% mark-up
– Only working 1 day per week (50pcs) embroidering on a our SWF MAN12
Print only 25 t-shirts per week and earn in excess of £1,000 per month!  **
– Blank products from local suppliers at trade prices
– Up to 80% mark-up
– Only 2-hours per week printing dark garments using two-step papers
– Only 1-hour per week printing to light garments using one-step papers 
By spending £53.07 per week (£229.97) you can earn upto £2,000 per month!
* T & C apply subject to finance and underwriting  ** All figures based on minimal usage and will change dependent on image or embroidery size and are as an example only

A True Business in a Box Bundle


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