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Automatic Oiling System

SWF Automatic Oiling System Without an automatic oiling system, manually oiling an embroidery machine can be costly when you need to periodically stop production. Whether it is getting all the needle bars lubricated or simply oiling the rotary hooks, the tedious work of hitting every point with an Oil can be daunting and time-consuming. If … Continue reading Automatic Oiling System

SWF / SENS Embroidery Machine Networking System

Introducing SWF “SENS” (Sunstar Embroidery Networking System) a full networking product to network you SWF embroidery Machine. This system allows the user to send (push) and download (Pull) designs to and from your SWF Embroidery Machine via Ethernet (LAN) connectivity. You can operate the SENS program with any SWF Dual function B,E,K series machines or … Continue reading SWF / SENS Embroidery Machine Networking System